Hello! My name is Thomas Sibley.

Self portrait in the snow wearing a blue cap

I’m a computing generalist by trade currently working at place where research science and public health meet.

I’ve previously worked at a research lab studying HIV-1 and an open-source software company.

In a past life, I studied geology in New England and New Zealand and how to tell stories using film, photography, and print making.

Out in the world, you’ll find me bicycling, cooking, gardening, tinkering, walking, hiking, snowshoeing, and otherwise generally enjoying the great Pacific Northwest.

Within this home of mine on the web, you'll find some of the talks I’ve given, a set of notes about things on my mind, a catalog of some of my command-line devtools, and a few playful projects.

Elsewhere online, you’ll find me at

Reach out by email to hello@tsibley.net.