Last-mile software development: Writing modern software for bench scientists

This talk is about the need for, process of, and impact of developing custom software and data systems for scientists. I aim to provide a glimpse into the rewarding world of software in science by drawing from concrete examples in own my experience of building systems using Perl, Python, JavaScript, Elm, and many other languages.

Presented at The Perl Conference 2017

It slices, dices, and makes julienne data!

RecordStream, or recs, is a collection of command line tools for processing, analysing, and transforming data as streams of JSON records. Each command tries to do just one thing well, and it’s easy to get your data into and out of JSON from other formats and sources. Writing new commands is simple and can be done in any language of your choice. recs is available as a single, portable file so you can easily take it with you wherever you find yourself needing it. In this short talk I quickly introduce recs, build example pipelines, and show how to start writing your own commands.

Presented at YAPC::NA 2015

Making the most of version control

A talk I gave at a Bedford Lab meeting Git best practices and development hygiene.