Stalin vs. Hitler

Panel 7

1. Razliv[1], many years ago…
Lenin: That's not bad, my dear chap, but thewe's[2] one mistake you're makin'…

2. Lenin: The laws of histowical inevitability[3] are our stwength. You must learn[4] to make the laws obey you.

[1] A place north to St Petersburg. In July 1917 Vladimir Lenin were hiding here from officials in a hayloft, and wrote "The State and Revolution" considered to be one of his most important works.

[2] Not unlike robot Walter, the Judge Dredd's servant, Lenin was not able to correctly pronounce "r" before vowels.

[3] Presumption of historical inevitability is a corner stone of Marxism-Leninism.

[4] The process of learning was extremely important for every member of the Party. Lenin used often to say: "To learn, to learn and to learn once again!"